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We'd like to invite you personally..

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Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division provides a wide range of services aimed at protecting residents, visitors and the environment. Many of these services involve a regulatory activity but the majority are educational and advisory. Much of the work includes enforcing laws and encouraging good practice. Go

Fairfood International

Fairfood International encourages sustainability in the food industry, contributing to the fight against poverty and hunger around the world. Go

Farmers Markets in Wales

This new website which has a number of innovative features which are designed to further the important role that Farmers Markets and the small scale local producers that attend them have in re-establishing local food networks. The site is dynamic in several ways being constructed from a continually updated data base which allows a high degree of interaction by users and a much enhanced communication infrastructure. Go

Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Agency is an independent Government department set up by an Act of Parliament in 2000 to protect the public's health and consumer interests in relation to food. Go


Welcome to fork2fork, your gateway to an amazing selection of food and drink from farm shops, box schemes, online producers and farmers markets. Looking to buy fresh, direct and local well this is the place for you. Tuck in! Go


Glasu activities are part funded through the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2008 to 2013 which is financed by the European Union and the Welsh Assembly Government, as well as Powys County Council. We are a rural development initiative providing assistance and support to businesses, individuals and community groups in Powys. Go

Meat Promotion Wales

Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) is the organisation responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Welsh red meat. We work with all sectors of the Welsh red meat industry - from the farmers through to the retailers, to develop the industry itself as well as develop profitable markets for Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef. Go

Mid Wales Food and Land Trust

The Trust manages a portfolio of projects that make a significant contribution to building a sustainable local and regional economy for Mid Wales. Go

Mid Wales Local Food Talks

Now in it's third year, Local Food Talks draws together a group of organisations and businesses who are passionate about promoting food and drink from Mid Wales. Go

Organic Centre Wales

Organic Centre Wales is sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government and was established in 2000 to provide information for the organic sector in Wales. It is run by a partnership of ADAS Wales, Aberystwyth University and The Organic Research Centre, Elm Farm. Go
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